• Police Discretion

    Police Discretion

    Is to ensure that the police discretion is exercised in the best interest of the public/majority rather than in pursuit of private interests or partisan

  • Warnings & Minors

    Police have the ability to issue minor defect notices or warnings to road users for vehicles they believe are unfit, Yet why does this rarely happen any more?

  • Meeting In Groups

    With the wrongful eye of the media, People who choose to meet in groups and share their passion or for other non-vehicle related activities are targeted? We can't see our friends??

  • A Place To Let Loose

    Car enthusiasts all over Australia have been asking for years to have a place they can 'Let Loose', why not let us have the land and sponsors be allowed to build this

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We are currently looking anyone who can supply photos and cases of unfair treatment on the roads in Australia along with any actions that resulted.

Please do bare with us as this web site has only just gone live and will be expanded in due time to help centralize Australia's opinion.

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